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How do I best manage a successful start?

How do I gain my colleagues' respect fast?

How will I maintain sufficient room to manoeuvre?

You have arrived on a new leadership level in your current or in a new company? Then it is not enough to only rely on your technical expertise in order to manage your new responsibilities successfully. It is at least equally important to establish yourself in the new corporate setting, which increasingly requires professional mastery of your soft and social skills. Experience shows that it is very useful to work with an independent, professional coach during this first phase. You and your company benefit from this investment, which typically results in your fast and successful start.

The first 100 days

My coaching support enables you to gain a clear perspective of your new situation and the new rules of the game and not to forget, to learn how to best manage your own energy. Based on this foundation you will be able to reach your full potential and you will also become aware how to best avoid typical pitfalls.