Leading International Teams | Frank Lennartz Consulting + Coaching

How do I create a productive environment for my international team to work successfully?

How do I recognize needs and also skills of each team member so I can help them become a high performing team?

How can I support my team members to acknowledge that being different can be a great source for growing together?

No matter if you work in an exposed function abroad or if you lead an international team, interaction with colleagues from other cultural backgrounds is no longer an exception for most companies but increasingly a routine.

Leading in an intercultural context

Large global corporations but also successful medium sized companies are facing the challenge to equip their executives with appropriate skills to work in this fascinating but also challenging environment. Intercultural trainings can help, yet quite often they only deal with the „do´s and dont´s“ of different cultures.

My focus is a different one. I encourage and support leaders to address questions like: “How can I as a leader develop the appropriate skills to recognise and acknowledge diversity in my team?” “How can I maximise this diversity for my company?” My clients benefit from my experience as a leader of various intercultural teams in different functions and geographies.